Hi, I’m Henry.

I am an engineer by day, and photographer all year round. I am spontaneous, and will try almost anything once. Rock Climbing and Muay Thai are my favorite stress relievers.  I’m a big foodie and believe the best way to understand a culture is through their cuisine.  It is my dream to take a culinary trip around the world and sample all the delicious food each culture has to offer.

Wedding photography has really taken me by surprise. The raw emotions and intense connections between friends and family on that special day is nothing short of amazing. I firmly believe that the most impactful images are those that are captured in it’s purest form, unscripted and raw. I strive to deliver this type of imagery, ones that will be shared and cherished for years to come.

I would love to be the story teller of your wedding, so let’s grab some coffee and learn more about each other.

I am based in San Jose CA, and I love to travel, so don’t hesitate to take me along on your wedding getaway.